Prepared for Life in Jesus Christ

By Jeremy Zeltinger, Class of 1994

I don’t know if I truly have “the knack” (Dilbert) but from the time I was 12 years old I wanted to be an electrical engineer.  I suppose God could have changed that when I went to AFLBS (FLBC) but He didn’t.  Instead, and thanks to Pastor Haugen’s class “Finding God’s Will”, I left the school confident that God would be at work whether I became an engineer or farmer or teacher or – fill in the blank.

At NDSU I remember several times where I introduced myself to classmates as a “3rd-year freshman.”  That would usually get their attention and they couldn’t help but ask why.  For me, it was a convenient excuse to talk about the Bible school, what I studied there, and why it was worth it to me.

I managed to make it through all the “weed-out” classes, and even found school to be interesting – which I took as confirmation that I was still where God wanted me to be.  Throughout my career I have helped design cargo systems for large commercial jets that transport the packages you order online.  I’ve written software for displays used in construction equipment and irrigation systems.  I’ve helped train students to follow good engineering practices so they can be successful in their careers.

But it’s not so much about the products that I’ve helped to create as it is the people I’ve worked with.  People from all over the world.  And in each of those interactions God calls me to live as a Christian.  Doing my work with integrity, giving my best effort, showing love to others, and when possible, testifying of what Jesus has done for me.  Our careers may look ordinary from the outside but behind the scenes God is at work putting all of us into situations where we can reflect the light of the Gospel, to the glory of God!

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