25 Alumni and Friends to Join Europe Companion Tour

25 alumni and friends will join the AFLBS Concert Choir for the last 10 days of their European choir tour, April 6 – 15. The “Companion Tour” will primarily visit sites related to church history, beginning in Prague, Czech Republic, where they will meet up with the AFLBS Choir. The trip end with a tour of Berlin, Germany.

“In less than two months we’ll be listening to our amazing AFLBS Choir sing in many of the most epic locations of the Reformation,” says tour coordinator and AFLBS alumnus Adam Lee. “I’m excited to share in the cross-generational interactions between choir students and Companion Tour participants as they travel, serve, learn, sing, and worship together in Central Europe.”

AFLC Schools Church History professor, Rev. Robert Lee, will narrate events from church history and the Protestant Reformation. In Prague, the group will visit sites related to the Bohemian reformer Jan Hus. From there, the tour will head to Germany, stopping first in Herrnhut, the village of Count Niklaus Zinzendorf, where the AFLBS Choir will sing in the Moravian Church. One day will be spent in Wittenberg, Luther’s home for more than 30 years and where he nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church. The tour will proceed to Leipzig, then Wartburg, where Luther secretly lived in exile and translated the New Testament from Greek to German and wrote several significant hymns and doctrinal documents in the Wartburg Castle. The final days of the tour will include stops in Eisleben (Luther’s place of birth and death), Mansfeld, and Halle before arriving in Berlin, where the group will experience more recent European history.

For more information about the Concert Choir Tour to Europe, click here.



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