Choir Anticipates Tour to Europe in April 2018

The AFLBS Concert Choir will head to Europe during the 2018 spring break. The three-week tour, planned for March 23–April 11, will include stops in the countries of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany—and sites, according to director Andrew Hanson, that are connected to Lutheran history.

Tour planning is coming together with the motivating drive of Pastor Don Richman, former executive director of East European Mission Network (EEMN), which works with congregations and English language camps throughout Eastern Europe. AFLBS alumnus, Adam Lee, is helping coordinate tour schedules and providing connections to places the choir will perform. The tour is meant to encourage the Church in Central Europe through concerts, English and music teaching opportunities in local schools, and informal gatherings with church youth groups.

“My prayer is that this tour will be life-changing, both from the students’ perspectives as they prepare and travel to the other side of the world, sharing testimonies, songs, meeting other Christians, and taking in first-hand new cultures and areas for whom Christ died and who Christ loves,” said Hanson, “And from the perspective of the people we meet—that God would move in lives and work in hearts.”

Hanson stated that the biggest need in the congregations they will travel to is the simple gospel message. The choir will present music based on the “Five Solae of the Reformation,” a theme of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, as well as other gospel-centered music.

The normal two-week tour has been extended by a week to accommodate the international travel schedule. AFLBS will begin the spring 2018 semester a week early on January 15, following a shortened J-term to be held the week of Jan. 8-12.

A companion tour has been planned for those interested in traveling to Europe with the Concert Choir. Approximately 30 friends and alumni of the AFLC Schools will be traveling in conjunction with the choir for their final week of the tour. The trip will include guided educational tours of Reformation sites in Prague and Germany and an additional weekend tour of Berlin.

For information on financially supporting the Europe Choir Tour, click here.

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