One-week Electives Conclude, New Semester Begins

By Andrew Kneeland

Practical studies were the focus of the one-week January Term at the Association Free Lutheran Bible School earlier this month, with classes being taught on Relationships and Marriage and Discovering God’s Will.

Pastor Brett Boe, of King of Glory Free Lutheran in Shakopee, Minnesota, taught a class called “Relationships and Marriage.” The course examined relationships, courtship, marriage, and family principles from a Biblical perspective.

“I appreciated being able to take Pastor Brett Boe’s elective ‘Relationships and Marriage,’” senior Annie Anderson said. “In a society that has perverted God’s purpose of marriage, this class encouraged me as we looked at God’s original design of marriage and how we as His children are called to uphold what the Bible says—no matter what vocation God has called us to.”

Pastor Boe examined the Biblical roles and responsibilities of the husband and the wife, and the father and the mother. Focus was also given to building relationships that are functional and grace-filled within the context of the family of Christ.

The other class that was offered to Bible School students during J-term was “Discovering God’s Will,” taught by Pastor Phil Haugen.

“What is God’s will for my life?” is a very real question to many Bible School students, and it often leads to fear, despair, and inaction. How can a person be sure which school to attend? Or what job to take? Or which guy or girl to date?

Pastor Haugen helped put students’ hearts at ease with the hope of the Gospel. Pastor Haugen lectured on God’s revealed and hidden will, and the topic of a Christian’s vocation. God’s will for your life is actually the same things as God’s will for all mankind: to love and serve Him.

When faced with two options, and neither violates a Scriptural principle or command, a believer shouldn’t be paralyzed with fear or indecision but should confidently make a decision and go forward in faith.

“Christians often worry about living according to God’s Will,” AFLBS junior Kyle Kerby said. “When in reality, all a person needs to do is live as extraordinary ordinary Christians, by living for our Savior Jesus Christ. ‘Discovering God’s Will’ has been a joy to be a part of.”

Spring semester classes started Monday, January 15. First-year courses will include Romans and Galatians, Bible Doctrine 2, Historical Books, and Evangelism, Discipleship, and Missions. Second-year students will study Minor Prophets, Revelation, Christian Education, and Bible Doctrine 4.


Kneeland serves as the AFLBS Student Life and Services Coordinator.

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