Alternatives to Traditional College

Discover non-traditional college options before, during, or after FLBC

College doesn’t have to mean decades of debt. Bachelor’s degrees can be earned quickly, inexpensively, and without sacrificing years of fun experiences – or better yet, two life-changing years of Bible school.

Meet Matthew. He completed his four-year degree from Thomas Edison State University without ever stepping onto their brick-and-mortar campus. He did it in just over two years with no debt and attended FLBC at the same time. Needless to say, Matthew highly encourages students to look into alternative ways to do college, so that Bible school can still be a reality.

Five benefits to non-traditional schooling:

  1. It allows students to study while doing the things that they enjoy.
  2. It allows students to engage liberal academia at a safe distance from the college campus party scene found on most secular (and many private) campuses.
  3. It saves a significant amount of time.
  4. It is a high-value but low-cost option that provides a debt-free college experience.
  5. It makes two years of Bible school more feasible, considering time and cost savings. 

Lumerit Education (formerly CollegePlus)

Lumerit Scholar is a coaching organization that helps structure and plan non-traditional degree plans. Lumerit will organize your previous college credit and develops a personalized degree plan that suits your interests and goals. Several FLBC alumni have enrolled in Lumerit and have taken advantage of a flexible college schedule and customized degree plans, saving thousands of dollars and several semesters of time.

Lumerit provides a unique combination of Christian coaching, flexible scheduling, and financial value to any student that is considering a Bachelor’s degree. For current or future FLBC students who are serious about completing college in less time, little or no debt, all while maintaining a Biblical worldview through an FLBC education, Lumerit is an excellent option.

Statistics show that over 80 percent of traditional college students change their major at least once, which means more time and expense are required for graduation. Less than five percent of Lumerit Scholars switch their degree, which makes 87 percent of Lumerit degree completions faster and more cost-effective than traditional college options.

If the purpose of college is preparation for Christian life in the real world, Lumerit can help you achieve your academic goals quickly and with crystal clear purpose.


These tests are designed to give students college credit for things they’ve already learned, or will learn outside of a traditional classroom. Rather than spending time and money in general-level college classes, credit-by-examination programs offer a quicker solution!

There are 33 CLEP exams in topics ranging from literature to science to foreign languages. Each test is $80 and a passing score equates to three college credits, which can often cost several thousand dollars at many colleges and universities.

For high school students, FLBC students, or FLBC graduates, CLEP testing can provide college credit at a fast pace and minimal expense and can significantly cut down on time spent in college after FLBC.

DSST Standardized Tests are another option for students looking for cheaper and more time-efficient options to earn college credit. There are 38 DSST exams offered, most in the business and social science categories.

Online Classes

Do college from anywhere. Online classes enable current or future FLBC students and alumni to work toward their degree with a flexible schedule. Students may enroll in online classes before attending FLBC, take a class or two each semester while attending FLBC, take summer classes, or enroll full time after finishing FLBC. Many students have saved significant amounts of tuition and have generally worked at a faster pace than traditional college. Online classes are often much less expensive than on-campus classes and provide more options for classes schedules.

Many FLBC graduates have completed online degrees through University of Northwestern – St. Paul, Crown College, and Liberty University. Schools that take FLBC credits also accept credits into their online programs. (See also transferring FLBC credits)

For students concerned about taking two extra college years to attend FLBC, online classes can be a great solution. Students can take a couple online college classes each semester while at FLBC or several courses during the summer. This can help keep them on track with their degree all while building a Biblical foundation at FLBC.