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Date CreatedMarch 28, 2022
EmployerFaith Lutheran Church
Job TitleDirector of Worship (part-time: Worship only; full-time: Worship and Communications/Technology)
Opportunity Description

Worship and Technology & Communications Director Job Description
for Faith Lutheran Church (LCMC, with FLBC alumnus as pastor)
Worship Director for Faith Lutheran Church
Position Objective: To provide comprehensive leadership to the worship ministry of Faith Lutheran Church.
Position Description: The worship director will be the “producer” of each worship service and special programs. The worship director will report to the senior pastor, overseeing and coordinating all details of each worship service. The worship director is a visionary leader able to communicate and direct in a way that inspires those around him/her to join in the passion of worship.

1. Demonstrates a commitment to live a life worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ in accordance with the Word.
2. Commits to the mission, vision, and worship philosophy of Faith and demonstrates excellence as a worship leader.
3. Skill in playing piano and/or guitar, and leading vocally, along with a preferred four year college degree in music and/or worship, or qualified worship/music leading experience from another church setting.

1. Plan thematic, Biblical, creative worship which invites all worshippers into the presence of God and lifts up Jesus Christ.
2. Encourage the spiritual formation of those involved with the worship ministry.
3. Blend classic hymns, gospel and current Christian music thematically for each worship service.
4. Creative ability to incorporate art forms such as drama, mime, reader’s theater, movie clips, videos, power points, and other creative, innovative expressions to deepen and augment the theme of worship.
5. Lead worship with enthusiasm, drawing the congregation into the song and into the presence of God.
6. Facilitate choirs, vocalists, and instrumentalists, with a willingness to teach and equip others.
7. Must be a self-starter capable of administering the comprehensive vision for Faith’s worship, and effectively build interpersonal relationships.
8. Work cooperatively with pastor, worship, music, drama, technology and other affected committees as necessary to prepare for the worship services.

1. Work with the necessary teams to carry out the worship areas of Faith.
2. Plan the corporate worship services of Faith in consultation with the Senior Pastor and do so with prayer, conceptual forethought, theological accuracy, and musical appropriateness. Ensure that all aspects of the service advance the theme for the day. Oversee song and choral selection, media preparation and presentation, sound and lighting enhancements, and coordination of all instrumentalists, vocalists, and dramatists for Faith.
3. Direct all weekly activities and rehearsals necessary to facilitate worship in services for Faith.
4. Introduce our worship teams and choirs to worship training provided by other ministries, books, and conferences.
5. Seek ways to use music and drama to reach out to the community.
6. Work with council representatives to develop worship/music budget, and monetary expenditures.
7. Build contacts and relationships with local musicians, studios, and clubs for both outreach and staffing purposes.
8. Set annual goals for the worship ministry in line with Faith’s vision, and then evaluate how those goals were attained or modified during the year.
9. Work cooperatively with Faith’s pastor in other duties as assigned, in order to fulfill Faith’s mission, ministry, and vision.

Communications and Technology Director for Faith Lutheran Church
Grace to you and peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. - 1 Cor. 1:3
Position Description: The Communications and Technology Director is a ministry position of Faith Lutheran Church and is under the direction of Faith’s church administrator, but also working closely with the senior pastor and church council, facilitating and promoting the programs and goals of the congregation. The Communications and Technology Director is a steward of all the gifts God has entrusted to Faith Lutheran Church including volunteers, members, financial resources, personnel, and administrative and physical resources of the church. The Communications and Technology Director’s life and vocation should embody Christian faith, principles and values.
1. Demonstrates a commitment to live a life worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ in accordance with the Word.
2. Commits to the mission and vision of Faith and demonstrates excellence as a technology director.
3. Has excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills, is detail oriented, and has a college/technical degree with the ability to prioritize and be flexible.
4. Has knowledge and experience with sound systems in public spaces, with website design, and with marketing.
5. Has access to independent transportation for occasional meetings, events, errands, etc.

1. Be a team leader working with lay staff and volunteers while maintaining confidentiality always.
2. Efficiently utilizes computer systems, audio and visual hardware, and software.
3. Is a self-starter, is self-motivated, has excellent organizational skills with the ability to prioritize and be flexible, along with project management skills to include time management and prioritization.

Technology Responsibilities:
1. Support live-streaming worship services and other events as needed.
2. Create and edit video announcements.
3. Work with vendors for hardware and software maintenance.
4. Create and deliver a weekly video of Faith’s regular Sunday worship service to SMU.
5. Create and upload the Sunday message video to the church YouTube channel.
6. Create PowerPoint presentations as needed for worship services each week.
7. Participate in the weekly worship vocalist practice.
1. Sound – balance all singers and instrumentalists
2. Presentation – provide lyrics for practice
8. Schedule all tech booth volunteers on a quarterly basis.
9. Recruit and train volunteers for all needed roles.
10. Maintain and update all church computers, copiers, printers, and miscellaneous hardware and software.
11. Support the staff and volunteers with hardware and software consulting and training.
12. Establish and maintain documentation for hardware, software, and processes, along with maintaining all online subscriptions as needed.
13. Work closely with the Worship Team Leader, and the Music & Creative Arts Team Leader.
14. Work with Technology Team Leader for the yearly budgeting process and for input in hardware and software acquisitions.
15. Maintain piano humidifier/dehumidifier.
16. Other duties as assigned.

Communications Responsibilities:
1. Create an overall communications plan for the church within the congregation and beyond.
2. Prepare and distribute monthly newsletter.
3. Maintain and update church website.
4. Develop a marketing plan for events.
5. Develop and maintain social media posts.
6. Analyze and evaluate marketing and social media campaigns
7. Develop and maintain a branding or style guide for Faith.
8. Establish and maintain documentation for all plans and processes.
9. Work closely with the Church Administrator and Senior Pastor.
10. Other duties as assigned.

Employee is responsible to:
1. The congregation of Faith Lutheran Church as represented in their duly elected and called leaders as follows:
1. The Church Administrator
2. The Senior Pastor (Ben Unseth, FLBC alumnus)
3. The Church Council who will provide direction, support, and review

Address2912 Highway Blvd
Spencer, IA 51301
Map It
Phone(805) 444-1364
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

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