April 2018 Gym Project Update

With the help of Kinghorn Construction and Paul Youngquist from ARY Architects, the building committee has completed the preliminary schematic phase site plan, floor plans, elevation views, and renderings of the gymnasium. The architect will continue now with design development and construction documents. Complete construction documents will hopefully be complete and ready for bidding in 3-4 months. The construction start date depends on when funding is available. The hope is to begin construction in September in attempt to get the building enclosed before winter hits in earnest. In the meantime, surveying and civil engineering for site work will begin in late-April or early May in order to get site plan approval from the City of Plymouth.

A construction cost estimate for the gym will be available in late-April. The estimate will be within 10 percent, plus or minus, of the actual cost. A firm cost will be obtained from bidders once construction documents are completed in 3-4 months and there are enough funds to begin construction.

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