Assessment Tool Aids Admissions Team

The FLBC admissions department has been working diligently to roll out a new service for high school students and their families. The process began when staff members encountered Career Direct, a biblically based assessment tool that helps students discover their God-given mix of personality, interests, skills, and values and relate this to a career path. Rebecca Moan, FLBC admissions coordinator, committed to the hours of training to be a certified Career Direct consultant.

“It was eye-opening to learn about the extensive research that was conducted to develop the Career Direct assessment,” said Moan. “It was fulfilling to see how applying biblical principles to career choices is an act of stewardship. Additionally, it was corrective to be reminded that one personality type isn’t better than another—something I knew but did not always value. Considering our Creator’s handiwork, it’s clear that we need, for example, both introverts and extroverts, the cautious and adventurous, and the unstructured and conscientious.”

Those age 16 and older can now register for the assessment online at After students complete the assessment, Moan will meet with them and at least one parent (virtually or in-person) to explain the results. Those who have taken advantage of the new service give positive feedback after seeing the wealth of information gleaned from the assessment tool.

Career coaching is not the only way to choose a path forward, but Moan points to Colossians 3:17 as one reason students should consider this tool.

“Career Direct can help you discern if you are being a good steward of the personality, gifts, interests, and values God has given you. It’s all about stewardship and bringing glory to God,” said Moan.

Participating in the assessment does not mean automatic enrollment at FLBC, but the admissions team reminds students that two years at the Bible College will prepare them to go anywhere grounded in God’s Word.

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