Bible College Hosts WORLD News Group

FLBCS welcomed The World and Everything in It podcast team to campus last Thursday for our Spotlight: Media event. The podcast is published by WORLD, a highly respected Christian news magazine.

In the morning, podcast hosts Nick Eicher, Myrna Brown, and Hannah Harris shared their thoughts on navigating the world of news media with biblical discernment, and how WORLD plays a part in that.

Afternoon sessions focused on how Christians can interact with and use media to bring glory to God and impact the world around them.

Pastor Jason Gudim and Pastor Brett Boe, hosts of the podcast Being Lutheran, talked about the Catechetical method (teaching through the spoken word), and the unique ability of the podcast format to reach audiences as they engage in daily activities like driving to work.

FLBC Dean, Adam Osier spoke on how to determine the worldview of newsmakers and headline writers as we carefully pursue truth.

School president Wade Mobley taught a session on combating the dangers of social media by first establishing our identity in Christ.

The evening event brought over 200 visitors to campus. The WORLD team performed a live episode of The World and Everything in it, as well as portions from their popular World Watch video series. These daily segments give kids and adults alike an objective, Christian perspective on events happening in the world around them. Their topics on Thursday included unemployment, supply chain shortages, and Jumbo the circus elephant.

Thank you to all who came and participated!

Luke Quanbeck

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