Brought Back Into His Fold

Before Christ brought me back into His fold, I was quite the lost sheep. My Catholic family was not particularly interested in raising me in the religion at home. Also, the little experience I had with Catholicism was broadly negative experiences in Sunday school. And stories I had seen on the news strongly turned me away from Catholicism, Christianity, and religion in general.  

As I grew older, I turned to atheism—I had no belief in God. Because of this lack of belief in God and an afterlife, I also lacked motivation. Why struggle through life and the family issues I was having if it all amounts to nothing in the end? With these things in mind, I grew depressed and bitter at the world and those who seemed happy and motivated. I also grew into a more ardent and bitter atheist, going as far as to try and explain to any religious friends why their “god” could not possibly be real. I was attempting to drag them down into the same godless pit of despair I was in. Despite this, God, in His loving kindness, works miracles. My life was about to be changed.  

A friend invited me to his church’s youth group. Although I declined the first invite, he persisted, and I gave in, going with him one Tuesday night. I enjoyed going and through years of attending, God miraculously turned my bitter heart toward Him and renewed me with the gift of faith. He showed me that I could live with joy and peace through His love. Despite my sins against Him, and despite my bitterness toward Him and His creation, He still worked miracles in my life to bring me back to Him.  

All of this was only made possible because of Jesus’ death on the cross. Jesus, with full knowledge of my sins against Him, came to earth to bear the death that I deserved in order to pay the price of reconciliation. Jesus suffered and died in the greatest act of self-sacrificial love so that I and every man, woman, and child could be reconciled to Him and live in peace with God for eternity. Jesus laid down His life for mine, and because of this, I wish to do the same for others.  

I now know my calling, and it is to share God’s love with others. I want to be able to show people that there is joy and peace to be had in Christ while living a life of service to Him and to my brothers and sisters in Christ. When I fulfill this calling through serving at church, leading Bible studies, or just showing love to others, I feel genuine joy, peace, and satisfaction.  

God has recently led me to the Free Lutheran Bible College, where I have been able to learn so much about Him and His Word. I hope to be able to serve churches after my time here at the college, whether that be through youth ministry, church planting, pastoring, or just being an active member. Whatever it may be, I hope that I am able to share the love of God with others and glorify Him who gave me life.    

Mason Mitchell [first-year student] is a member of Ruthfred Lutheran, Bethel Park, Pa. 

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