Building Committee Makes Progress on Gymnasium Plans

Building Project Update,
November 20, 2017

Kinghorn Construction has been selected as Design/Build contractor to develop the plans for construction. Kinghorn Construction has engaged an architect, ARY Architects, to work with us in refining the current Conceptual/Schematic Design. They are guiding us through the “programming” phase to determine what particular spaces we need in the new Gym Building, such as the actual number and size of offices and classrooms. The building committee has collected information from the faculty, staff, and students through the Schools’ leadership to clarify needs and desires for the new buildings. This has involved looking at what spaces we already have in our existing buildings, how they are currently used and looking forward to future needs when the campus would be filled to capacity. The focus is currently on the Gym building design since that is the highest priority and the more complicated design since it is a multipurpose building. In addition to the gym, plans include locker rooms, offices for staff and faculty, a fitness center, classrooms, a foyer and commons area, and storage rooms. The programming process will help define the number and sizes each of these spaces should be and the relationships of these spaces to each other in the building.

In the next several weeks, soil borings will be done to determine foundation and site design criteria to be used by the civil and structural engineers.

Once the Schematic/Conceptual phase of design is complete, we will move right into developing the detailed Construction Documents. Kinghorn will bid out the various trades from these Construction Documents to determine a firm price for our contract with them. At that is the point, we would officially sign a contract with Kinghorn Construction and be committed to using them in the construction phase. Assuming we have the funds available for construction, we will work toward building the Gym, with the goal of having it occupied and ready to use for the Fall 2019 school year.



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