Caleb Holt

I learned many things during my time at AFLBS. I took away that God’s Word is the most important thing that I can spend my time learning. There are new things for us to learn from His Word each and every day because of how big our God is. I also took away how God’s Word does not return empty. Just by spending two years of my life at Bible School and in God’s Word I grew because of who our God is and how His Word is impactful in our lives. There are many specific things that I took away, but overall, I learned even more the importance of community with other believers in Christ, the love Jesus has for me, and why I WANT to be in God’s Word continually.

If I could show you in one sentence, one paragraph, or one book why you should go to AFLBS I would. I can’t force anyone to go to AFLBS and I never will. I truly believe God can use many different places, schools, and people in our lives for His glory. That may mean AFLBS and it may not. So, why then do so many people who have attended AFLBS share about the school so passionately? Because God’s Word is HERE. When God’s Word is present and taken as TRUTH, you are in a good place. That’s why I want students to come to AFLBS. God’s Word and God’s people are here; we’d love to have you experience that with us at AFLBS.

Currently, I am going to school at the University of Northwestern Saint Paul and majoring in Communications. I am working at an Olive Garden in Roseville as well as in the Admissions department at AFLBS. I can say that the Lord continues to use my time at AFLBS in what I am doing in my everyday life. I have believers that I grew close with at AFLBS that are majorly a part of my life in my walk with Christ and I do not know what I would do without them. My time at AFLBS has affected what is important to me and it has helped me in how I see the world around me. I want to serve Jesus no matter what I am doing and show others His love; my time at AFLBS helped me greatly on that path, and it continues to.

As an alumni, I see value in staying connected with my classmates and fellow alumni from AFLBS because of the stories God is creating in each of their lives. When God’s Word is at the center of what you are doing, beautiful things happen. That can be seen in so many of the lives of current and former AFLBS students. Also, I need my brothers and sisters in Christ in my life. So many of my great friends have come from this school, and I hope to continue to grow in Christ with all of my AFLBS family the rest of my life until we are able to be with our Savior one day.

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