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Meet your FLBC Instructors

Fall semester is just around the corner! Here are the instructors you will see on campus this fall. You’ll get to know them better throughout the semester, so we’ll save
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A Few New Faces

Cindy Beck Hi I'm Cindy Beck, and I will be Mr. Hanson's right-hand gal (aka accompanist for the FLBC choirs)!  I've been involved in music my whole life, have a couple
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Meanwhile, Back At the Office

Reverend Adam Osier I am the Reverend Adam Osier.  I don’t usually go by “Reverend” as I’m not positive what that means, other than that I am ordained, so you
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Books and Nooks

Rachel Molstre In the depths of the campus library dwells a quiet species known as the librarian. This librarian calls herself Rachel Molstre and subsists on black tea and the curiosity of
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People You Should Know

Eric Christenson Hey everyone, my name is Eric Christenson and I am the new Facilities Director here at the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary. I’m glad to be on
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Meet the Dorm Assistants 2

Nate Crellin Ope, hey there! My name is Nate Crellin and I am going to be a Dorm Assistant in the Men’s Dorm this fall! I also will be on campus working
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Meet the Dorm Assistants 1

Olivia Pavlish Hi! I'm Olivia Pavlish from Rogers, MN. I serve as the Communications Assistant as well as a Dorm Assistant here at FLBC. I'm an extrovert and love spending
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Meet the Dorm Staff

Brad Bierle My name is Brad Bierle and I would like to be one of the first to welcome you to the FLBC family! On behalf of the dorm staff team,
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