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God at Work – The Larsons

  Like most other youth workers across the country, the last few months have been stretching and challenging for Seth Larson. But the one constant through all the uncertainty is
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Hope in Jesus

By Ashley Feist (FLBC Class of ’20) “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon You,” (2 Chronicles 2:20b). After receiving word that an attack from
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God Cares About Our Careers

By Paige Moan (FLBC Class of ’18) Looking through old photos or taking a trot down memory lane with friends bring me back to a season of sweet fellowship and
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Thoughts From a Recent Graduate

When asked to share their testimony, many Christians lead off with the statement, “I grew up in a Christian home.” While this is true and something to be thankful for,
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God Will Put You Exactly Where You Need to Be

By Ryan Jones Photo by Joseph McNichols Hope you’re doing well, friend. Hang in there. In this short article, I want to remind you that God will put you exactly
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Embracing New Seasons

By Dalton Jordahl As I was on spring break in Arizona with my grandparents, I was able to enjoy the beautiful majesty of God’s creation. Before I left the FLBC
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Greg and Dani Tanner

Greg and Dani Tanner I almost didn’t go to AFLBS. To be honest, AFLBS wasn’t on my radar as I was considering what to do with my life after high
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Intentional Decision Making

In 2016 God called us, the McMinn family of seven, to seminary. This must be distinctly understood. He didn’t only call Bryce. Bryce and I both discerned the Lord’s call,
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Decision Makers – Micah Moan

Throughout my life, AFLBS has been at the forefront of where I wanted to go after high school. I have always been familiar with the campus. My dad has taught
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Decision Makers – Carley Washburn

My journey to AFLBS has been nothing short of exciting, but also slightly unconventional. I have been a Christian my entire life. Although God was always a big part of
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Decision Makers – Scott Erickson

The pastoral ministry had a tug on my heart ever since I met my wife, Tina, at Bible school. She and others have encouraged me in that very pursuit. I
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Decision Makers – Miao Zhao

In September 2012 I attended Indiana University, Bloomington, to participate in a PhD program. While there, I was led to a Lutheran church and for the first time in my
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