Chivalry is Not Dead

The trek from the women’s dorm, across the quad, around the back side of the men’s dorm, to the campus dumpsters has been relegated to lore for female FLBC alumni. 

“Remember when I nearly lost my way during the blizzard of 2011?” a female alumnus laments at an FLBC reunion, and a shiver runs through the room as memories of the wind whipping flimsy plastic bags, the rain soaking freshly curled hair, or the scorching heat of a spring afternoon vividly replay in their minds. 

Those days are but a mere memory now, thanks to a core group of FLBC men who have taken it upon their capable shoulders to lug those flimsy plastic bags from the steps of the women’s dorm, across the quad, around the men’s dorm, all the way to the dumpsters.  

Bravo, men! You are the true heroes. 

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