Construction of the Student Life Center is Underway

Students and staff at the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary began to notice some new activity on campus last week. First, a silt fence was erected around “the peanut,” the future site of the new Student Life Center. A large excavator, multiple dump trucks, and other construction equipment were also seen rolling up the hill. The next few days were a bit chaotic as dump trucks, filled with soil from the work site, paraded up and down the drive. The construction plans state that a total of 13,000 cubic yards of soil will be removed! President Mobley was encouraged by the progress, saying in a letter to supporters, “After a seven-month permitting process, a lot of prayer, and a lot of work, we see progress! This project is happening, and it wouldn’t be happening without you. We thank God for you.”

You can continue to track the construction of the new facility by visiting Here you will find a webcam providing live video coverage as well as time lapse clips highlighting milestones in the construction. Concrete work will begin around April 1, with an anticipated December 1, 2020 opening-less than one year away!

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