Construction Sees SLC Progress

After the initial excitement of December and January in which a large hole was excavated from the center of “the peanut,” the Student Life Center construction site lay still for several weeks. As crews waited for the weather to turn warmer this spring, supplies and equipment were brought over to the site. As soon as the ground thawed, work began with a new vigor.   

The months of April and May saw rapid progress on the project. After increasing the size and depth of the original excavation, foundation work was completed, and precast concrete walls were erected. The building is now only a short time away from being completely enclosed. Those who visit campus this summer will truly be able to visualize what the Student Life Center will add to the atmosphere of the campus. 

The building committee, as well as FLBC staff, continue to work toward planning the finishing touches inside the new structure. This includes selecting colors and styles for the lockers, the athletic equipment, the bleachers, and the gym floor. After reviewing the electrical plans, one building committee member remarked, “This facility looks way superior to any gym I have worked in.” 

Although COVID-19 may have an impact on the availability of some supplies, a completion date of December 2020 is still the target. You can keep track of progress through photos and the live webcam. Consider giving to the project at Please remember to be in prayer for the safety of those involved in the construction and for the students who will benefit from the use of the facility next year. 

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