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I admit, the first time I heard the title Alumni Relations Coordinator I made a joke about it being a dating service for graduated AFLBS students. But then, I learned what the role entailed, and I became intrigued. And now I find myself taking on this role.

The AFLBS Alumni Relations Coordinator serves as a representative of all AFLBS alumni and is responsible for coordinating and supporting the mission and efforts of the AFLBS Alumni Association.

What does that look like? Well, it means I will be keeping in touch with alumni to find out how AFLBS and the Alumni Association can better serve your needs. It means spending time with alumni and school staff to brainstorm ways the alumni can enhance the ministry of our Bible school. It means getting to hear your heart for the ministry of AFLBS. I look forward to meeting you, I love making connections with others and listening to their stories. I will not, however, be setting you up on any dates.

When not working on making connections for the Alumni Association, I am a reader. Diving deep into a new book with a cup of coffee at my elbow is my idea of heaven on earth. Re-reading an old favorite, ah, bliss! But more than being a reader, I am a writer. There is a verse in the Book of Psalms which reads, “When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long” (32:3). My bones groan when I am not actively working on a written project. My heart’s prayer is that my writing in all areas can serve as a tool to bring others closer to God.

My handsome husband, our two growing daughters, and I live in Western Wisconsin. As a family we enjoy watching Netflix, traveling around the United States, and eating all the ice cream we can get our hands on.

Andrea Christenson [AFLBS, 1999] recently took on the role of Alumni Relations coordinator. She lives in Amery, Wis., with her husband and two daughters.

This article first appeared in Kinship Magazine, Winter 2019 Edition.

Kinship is a magazine of the Free Lutheran Schools. Stay up to date on latest news, student stories, classroom highlights, and fun tidbits about life on the AFLBS and AFLTS campus.

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