Dahl manages new coffee shop

Abby Dahl sits quietly behind a display of packaged snacks at the far end of the mezzanine in the Student Life Center. She is reading a devotional book as soft music echoes off the polished cement floors and brick walls. All is serene.

But in a moment, she is ready for the rush of students exiting Heritage Hall and crossing the quad for their morning coffee fix. She meets the first of them with a smile, takes his order, and turns to the Nuova Simonelli espresso machine to pull two shots for his lavender latte. The line in front of the counter grows as students pick out their drinks and baked goods at the FLBC’s own coffee shop.

The Full Court Press is the new bustling spot on campus, especially on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when students have an extended 35-minute break following their second-hour class. At high-top tables, conversations flow around a game of chess while intensity surrounds a nearby student focused on a last-minute assignment. Over by the windows, a rowdy group of students plays a game of Uno, while onlookers sip coffee and munch on gourmet blueberry muffins.

“I love it,” said Dahl, who feels at home in the middle of it all. “It’s a really great way to interact with students.”

Dahl has taken on the task of managing the new coffee shop, which is tucked into the back wall above the new gym. Freshly decorated with potted plants and chalk board signs touting the latest specialty drink, the Full Court Press is a bright spot thanks to Dahl’s creativity. Dahl brings a list of qualifications to the job, including experience working in a coffee shop, a home-based baking business, and interpersonal skills learned while serving as a women’s dorm assistant for the last two years. It’s like she was made for it.

Dahl recognizes the fit, as well. After losing a job early this summer, she had a hard time finding the right spot to work. When she heard about the coffee shop, just steps away from her dorm room, she knew it had to be God’s timing.

Beyond the campus residents and staff, Dahl is eager to connect with and support the college’s base of alumni, which includes her decision to serve Hello Larsons Coffee, roasted and sold by fellow alumni Tim and Krista Larson [class of 2013]. She is also looking forward to working events in the SLC and connecting with the school’s supporters. Learning to manage inventory and staff is all part of the learning process.


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