Dan Hartsoch

Dan Hartsoch (Lake Stevens, WA)

Class of 2003

AFLBS was the place where God started peeling back the layers in my life to show who He truly made me to be. Ten years later, I can honestly say I’d be at a different place in life if I had not attended AFLBS. Through some of the first real friends I made at AFLBS and throught the teaching, God started the process then of helping me see who I was made to be as a child of God. I am thankful for my family, upbringing, and the chance to attend AFLBS, as God used them all to direct me to where I am today.

I have been on Young Life staff for 5 years, currently as the Area Director of Lake SnoPeak YL in Lake Stevens & Snohomish, WA. We have 8 public schools (three high schools, one mid-high, four middle schools), totaling over 11,000 kids. Along with the mission of the Church and other organizations that love kids, our heart is to help reach each kid, every kid.

My job is to build teams, raise support, and invest in volunteer leaders so that they can step into the lives of middle school & high school kids. Our hope is that through building relationships with kids, we can introduce them to Jesus and help them grow in their faith.

God planted His word in my heart at AFLBS. As it’s grown in my life, it’s produced more love, patience, hope, and maturity which helps me do my job well. Also, AFLBS is where I started sensing the call to do mission work, thinking it’d be across seas. However, it was across the country on the West Coast! As a YL leader, my mission is to stand in the gap between God and kids by stepping onto “their turf” and meeting them where they are, just as God meets us where we are. As I get to walk with kids, the promises and truth I have known for much of my life find purpose and a place in sharing life with kids.

God is continuing to lead me into a life to the fullest. He has shown me that I was made to be good, and that because of Jesus, I can live for the good He intended me to be. He’s led me through joys and trials that have taught me to trust Him and mature in my faith. This maturity has developed me to become an effective Young Life area director and leader, but also a true friend, son, brother, and hopefully someday husband and father. In all my relationships, I hope to love and serve others so they too can find they were made to be good and live life to the fullest through a relationship with Christ.


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