Daniel Hurner

Dan Hurner

Plymouth, MN 

Class of 2009

I came to AFLBS knowing that I would be spending the next two school-years studying the Bible and other Christian topics. Beyond that, I didn’t know what to expect. The community and growth that I experienced through campus life, choir tours, gospel team outings, and summer teams was unreal. God started working on the plans I had made for my future schooling: instead of wanting to be a teacher, my experience at Bible School opened the door for ministry.

My time at AFLBS prepared me for some radical changes within the first few days at Crown College. I was prepared to go into History Education, but the day before my classes started, I felt that God was calling me into Youth Ministry. My time at AFLBS really got me fired up for working with teenagers and having the opportunity to help bring them closer in their relationship with Jesus. I graduated from Crown College with a Bachelors in Youth Ministry in 2011. I am now about to begin my third year at the Association Free Lutheran Theological Seminary.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to be the Youth Pastor at Solid Rock in Anoka, MN. This was the church I attended while going to Bible School. I will have been married two year (as of August 2013) to my wife, Hannah.

I see God opening the door for us to be active in Youth and Family ministry in the United States. Wherever He may lead us, I feel like the direction He has taken us over the past few years has been preparing us both for something incredible. It’s our prayer that He be honored and glorified through whatever may happen.

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