Decision Makers – Carley Washburn

My journey to AFLBS has been nothing short of exciting, but also slightly unconventional. I have been a Christian my entire life. Although God was always a big part of my life, I had tunnel vision regarding my future. I knew all about AFLBS and while it seemed like a fantastic option, I already had my mind made up and was focused on the idea of attending a four-year university.  

I attended Western Washington, a huge public university in the northwestern corner of Washington. I was very excited for this next step in my life because I was confident I would be successful. Two years in, I learned that WWU was not God’s plan for me. I ignored many red flags for two years and was too deep into my major as a business and marketing student to make any serious adjustments, I thought, especially changing schools. 

However, my second year of college was full of more challenges than I was prepared to handle. Fortunately, my church, Elim Lutheran, accepted a new pastor after three long years of being without one. Pastor Luke Emerson was a clear sign from God to me that it was time to make some changes in my life. After prayer and encouragement from both Pastor Luke and members of the AFLBS Joshua summer team, I let God take complete control of my life. Doors for AFLBS started to open, and I knew the exact path I was being called to take. I am truly ecstatic for the years to come at AFLBS. 

Carley Washburn [AFLBS junior] is a member of Elim Lutheran, Lake Stevens, Wash. 

This article first appeared in Kinship Magazine, Fall 2018 Edition.

Kinship is a magazine of the Free Lutheran Schools. Stay up to date on latest news, student stories, classroom highlights, and fun tidbits about life on the AFLBS and AFLTS campus.

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