Establishing a Foundation

It’s been a few years since Sherri Melvie attended the Free Lutheran Bible College. But even decades after graduating she’s still grateful for the Biblical foundation that was laid.

Sherri, an ’84 FLBC graduate from Viking, Minnesota, says that the Biblical instruction she received at the Bible College was a tremendous blessing. She remembers the many different ways that Scripture was incorporated into her life, from classroom time to dorm devotions to evangelism opportunities with people off-campus. She was also struck by the great fellowship she experienced at the school. “There were so many fun-loving people my age who loved the Lord and wanted to learn more about Him.” Many of these friendships have lasted through the years and have given Sherri a continual source of encouragement.

Today, Sherri continues to put the training she received at Bible College to good use. She teaches a Sunday School class, serves as a camp counselor, and has directed Vacation Bible Schools. “God has brought so many wonderful friends into my life, and has provided just what I need when I need it. He’s faithful and patient and loving.”

Sherri also says she discovered a love for music during her time at the Bible College. “It ignited a passion for music,” she said. “Mr. Rodvold taught me to sing with confidence and that gift has gone with me wherever I attended church.” She participated on several singing teams and concert tours and still uses her musical gifts to serve the church. She ministers on the praise team of her congregation and also provides special music.

Sherri says that the biggest blessing of her years at Bible College, however, is her closer relationship with Jesus and the confidence she has in her salvation. “I’m so grateful for my time at FLBC and amazed at how the school and seminary have grown and been blessed,” Sherri said. “I hold FLBC very dear in my heart and memories and praise God for its ministry and equipping the next generation.”

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