FALLing Into a New Routine

FLBC students have had the chance this semester to grasp a new routine in the last couple of weeks. Fall Semester has looked different than in the past, but the core of the program is the same. In the morning, students are asked to take their temperature and wear a mask to class. However, not even masks can hide the fact that these students are eager to learn more about God’s Word. The strong sense of eagerness on campus demonstrates both eagerness for the Word and for Christ-centered community. Students have shown they want to be a part of the FLBC community by adhering to the measures that have been set in place.

Brad Bierle, who serves as the Student Life Director at FLBC said, “I have been impressed with their diligence in taking their classes seriously, even early in the semester.” The students have committed their time well this fall not only in their studies but also in their FLBC community. Bierle continued, “[students] are genuinely hungry for God’s Word and understand the significance, and the privilege, of diving deeply into Scripture every single day. The fact that they can do this together and in person has already contributed to a community marked by care and encouragement of one another.” FLBC staff, faculty, and students praise God for all He has already done and look forward to another year of being established in the Word of God.

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