FLBC Approves Partnership with Beyond Limits

Craig Spofford, Executive Director of Beyond Limits, was out of options. Craig and his board of directors had been searching for a new home for their ministry and the outlook was bleak. Beyond Limits, founded in 2013, serves students with developmental disabilities by providing a two-year, residential post-secondary Christian campus experience and Beyond Limits life skills certificate. Since its beginning, the organization has partnered with Bethany Global University in Bloomington, MN. Their students lived and worked on the Bethany campus while auditing college courses. Students also took specialized courses with the Beyond Limits Education Specialist, Sharon Caswell, preparing to live independently after graduating from the program. This in-person learning, on the Bethany campus, proved an effective way to increase student’s confidence in their unique strengths and abilities.

In March, after Bethany Global announced moving to exclusively online education, the Beyond Limits team found it challenging to find another host site. With the coming school year quickly approaching, Craig inquired at FLBC and spoke with Pr. Adam Osier, the Dean of the Bible College. Shortly after, they toured the campus and saw the potential for a mission fit partnership.

“The welcoming nature of the campus and the openness of staff and students to the idea of having students with disabilities on campus was evident,” said Craig. “Beyond Limits not only wants to help students with disabilities have an inclusive college experience, we also want to build a vision for inclusion into the future leaders of the church.  It was immediately clear that this would be possible in a partnership with FLBC.”  

The FLBC board approved a plan for the coming school year. Beyond Limits students will live in the dorms, audit 2-3 freshman courses, and continue to take life skills classes with Sharon Caswell. Beyond Limits will employ a Student Connector and Residential Assistants to provide additional support and a bridge with the rest of the student body and FLBC staff. Craig, will also have an office on campus as he oversees the work.

Recently, Beyond Limits board members brought food for the FLBC staff and shared the history and heart of the program. 

Olivia Pavlish, FLBC Women’s Lead Dorm Assistant stated, “I am so excited to see how this opportunity helps sharpen students as they learn what it means to be a member of the body of Christ.”

The FLBC campus will host at least five Beyond Limits students currently accepted for the 2024-25 school year.

“We know the Lord will be working in the lives of the Beyond Limits students, bringing a great benefit to the FLBC community.” said Pr. Osier. “We look forward to welcoming them to campus this fall.”

The video below was filmed last year with Bethany Global University students and students in the Beyond Limits program, together proclaiming the words of Psalm 8.

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