FLBC Dorm Assistant Position

Working under the direct supervision of the Resident Head, this position is important in developing and contributing to dorm life and community. The primary area of focus is direct relationship building for the purpose of spiritual growth and character development of students on campus, specifically within the dorm.

This position will include responsibilities in the following areas:

Dorm Assistant

  • Contribute and assist in the implementation of the FLBC mission and vision, specifically within the context of dorm life.
  • Prioritize Biblical character development of students through dorm life and activities, demonstrating servant-leadership, support, and discipleship.
  • Promote spiritual life and growth by attending dorm and campus events, being consistently available to students, and participating in regular devotional programming.
  • Invest specifically in the dorm staff team as well as the group of students assigned to your specific wing or floor.
  • Provide proactive direction and guidance to Resident Assistants.
  • Remain available to assist with the planning and executing of campus wide events.
  • Maintain regular communication and coordination with your Resident Head, Director of Student Life, and other FLBC staff as appropriate.
  • Assist with the logistical needs of the dorm such as chapel attendance, fob logs, late hours, fines, room checks, dress code, weekend and summer housing supervision, move-in and orientation, move-out, etc. as directed by your Resident Head.
  • Be an example of Christ-like character including an understanding and commitment to compliance and enforcement of student life expectations as outlined in the FLBC handbook.

To compensate you for your work, we promise the following:


a) Complimentary room and board including a single room in the dorm along with access to a full meal plan provided by the FLBC cafeteria.
b) Internet and laundry access.
c) Ministry experience.
d) Ongoing ministry training, support, and fellowship.
e) Paid registration to attend the AFLC Youth Worker’s Retreat in January for spiritual encouragement, networking, fellowship and further training.
f) Semi-annual performance review with exact dates determined by your supervisor.

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