Gospel Equipped – Derick Perry

At AFLBS I have been given an opportunity to learn from the Word of God. One thing I have learned is that through the means of His Word God has blessed me to understand His grace. I thought for so long that grace was having to find a daily understanding that changes my heart by learning more and more about the Bible. But what I have been learning is that grace is God’s attitude in his heart toward me, forgiving me of my sins. That has been the best news to me especially because I’ve struggled to let go of what I think grace should look like. Maybe you can relate?

I’m learning to wear my heart on my sleeve, so to speak, and I have been letting God equip me to love and be loved. One way I see God equipping me to do that is by going into the community and sharing the gospel. For instance, at my job I get to share the grace of God and love of Jesus every day. The work environment can be stressful, and I’ve learned that initiating conversations or simply being willing to listen are awesome ways to engage with coworkers. I am able to have conversations that may lead to the gospel.

Derick Perry [AFLBS Senior]

This article first appeared in Kinship Magazine, Winter 2019 Edition.

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