Intercessor Team Update – April 19

“Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah.” (Psalm 62:8)

A reality for most of us is that we must fight a consistent temptation to trust more in ourselves than in our Lord. The psalmist reminds us of the truth that whereas man is unreliable, our Lord is trustworthy and never failing. As we acknowledge that our trust in man (including oneself) is futile, we can come to a place of trusting wholly in the LORD, and finding in Him a sure refuge. We are called here to come and “pour out” our hearts before Him in prayer, and might we find encouragement in this opportunity!

In your quiet time these next weeks, we so much appreciate your partnership and willingness to “pour out” in prayer the following petitions to our LORD.

  • Pray a petition of thanksgiving for a most blessed Resurrection season and the celebration of our Risen Savior, Jesus. We thank God as well for a grand and God-glorifying Choir tour to Central Europe, and the good work our Lord accomplished through this opportunity, both for those sharing their gifts and those receiving the blessing of the use of these gifts.
  • Pray for all of our Bible School and Seminary students as they return to their studies and the final weeks of this academic year. Seek for them a strong finish, and additional clarity as they look to God’s will and guidance in all aspects of their lives.
  • Pray for the Proclaim choir as they prepare for their second tour, April 27-29. May the Gospel be proclaimed through song, word, and action, and may they be protected in their journey.
  • Pray for those preparing to graduate and for the Spring Concert and other graduation festivities to be held on May 18-19 in Plymouth. May our graduates experience the fullness of God’s presence as they go forth from our Schools as ambassadors for Jesus.
  • Pray for our churches that are currently experiencing pastoral vacancy. May their call teams be granted wisdom, insight, and patience as they wait upon the LORD, and may the will of the God be accomplished in the lives of those men seeking a call to a congregation.
  • Praise for the 50 students already accepted to AFLBS for this Fall and the dozens who are showing strong interest. Pray that our Admissions team is granted success in their follow-up with these students, and that our Lord would raise up an additional 35 students for our Fall enrollment.
  • for our nation and our elected leaders at the local, state, and national levels. May these men and women be led of the Holy Spirit, those not knowing Jesus coming to a place of repentance and faith, and those knowing Him walking as light in a dark world.

On behalf of the Intercessor Team,
Pastor Kirk Flaa
Sioux Falls, SD

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