Intercessor Team Update – Aug 8

“Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart,” (Luke 18:1).

This text has always been a favorite of mine and is one of two verses on prayer that is noted on the first page of my prayer journal. In it we see a reminder and encouragement to be faithful in prayer, and I trust that all of us need that exhortation at times. In the routine of daily life there seems to be a great deal more that calls us “away” from prayer rather than “towards” it. In the midst of all that calls us away, including the crazy schedule, an early morning meeting, our own apathy, and the busyness of daily life, let this reminder from Jesus call us towards persistent and persevering prayer!

As you come to the Lord in prayer in these next few weeks, please remember these petitions:

  • Let us seek God’s favor, mercy, and direction as we gather corporately for our Annual Conference August 10-12 at the ARC. May all the logistics and preparations go well, may all who participate enjoy journey mercies and protection from the virus, and may the Holy Spirit direct us as we seek to further His kingdom on earth.
  • Let us pray for the incoming first-year FLBC class of 60 to 65 joining a returning class of around 50 in the fall of 2020. We praise God for the gift of these students!
  • Let us pray for the ongoing plans to conduct classes in-person and on-campus in the Fall of 2020.
  • Let us pray for new employees being welcomed to our campus: Josh Bostrom, Ignacio Davalos, Wendy Greven, and Ryan Jones. May the Lord bless their transition to campus and the work He has called them to do.
  • Let us pray for the ongoing work on the Student Life Center, which has made great progress in its construction. We are praising God for this provision and ask that construction is able to continue at the expected pace and that all are kept safe as they work.
  • Let us pray that our Lord direct men’s hearts to pastoral training at our seminary. There is an urgent need for men, and we seek God’s work in their lives and in this call. As the fields remain white unto harvest, may the Lord send workers into His harvest.
  • Let us pray for the healing of our land, from both the COVID pandemic and the sickness of sin that has wrought such great damage upon our nation causing divide, discontent, and racial and social division. May the healing balm of the Gospel be applied liberally and may God work wonders through His Church.

On behalf of the Intercessor team,
Pastor Kirk Flaa, Sioux Falls, SD

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