Intercessor Team Update – January 24

Psalm 140:6 “I said to the Lord, ‘You are my God; give ear,

O Lord, to the voice of my supplications.’”

Psalm 140 reflects petitions from David as he faced the threats of evil, both in word and in deed, against himself and his life. In the midst of these trials, David is confident of his rescue by the hand of the Lord and is assured of his deliverance, which he rightly sings praise to. Might we find today as well this same assurance, a confidence indicated as we offer petitions to our Lord in the knowledge that He hears the voice of our supplications and gives grace in every time of need.

In your time of drawing before the Lord in prayer during these next weeks, please recall these petitions and needs.

  • Pray on behalf of our Schools Missions Emphasis week, January 21-26. Pastor Todd Schierkolk is our keynote speaker with the theme of “The Desire of the Nations” (Haggai 2:7). We seek God’s powerful moving in and upon our campus, and for the results of this week to bring glory unto the Lord and further expand His kingdom.
  • Pray on behalf of our upcoming Spring Campus Days, March 16-18. May this be a weekend of learning, growing, worship, and meeting new friends as well as being blessed by the experience of the Bible School community and fostering a heart to attend AFLBS.
  • Pray on behalf of wisdom and guidance for the on going planning and preparations for our 2018 Concert Choir’s European tour (March 23-April 12) and the Companion tour (April 5-15). Both events represent remarkable opportunities for Christian witness, sharing of gifts, fellowship, building up the body of Christ, and personal growth in the Lord, but necessitate much planning!
  • Pray on behalf of our fourth year seminary students who are at the present serving as interns in local congregations. Seek for them a continued growth as servant pastors, and a molding and forming under the direction of the Holy Spirit to be the shepherds God has called them to be.
  • Pray on behalf of the new building committee that has been formed, with a three-year task of completing construction of both a gymnasium and a dormitory.
  • Pray on behalf of our AFLC leadership, including Staff, Faculty, Corporations and Boards. To be effective leaders and stewards, we must seek wisdom and discernment from the Lord, and we appeal to His mercies to guide and direct us in every decision.
  • Pray on behalf of our students, Seminary and Bible School. That they be blessed with peace, joy, and confidence as the word of God is studied, meditated upon, and lived out in their lives, and that they would be conformed more and more to the image of God’s Son Jesus.

On behalf of the Intercessor Team,
Pastor Kirk Flaa
Sioux Falls, SD

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