Intercessor Team Update – Mar 12

“You will pray to Him, and He will hear you…” (Job 22:27a)

I have been through the book of Job recently in my devotional time with the Lord and this statement spoken by Eliphaz was a good reminder of the power and assurance of prayer. We recognize that that Job’s friends were woeful in the manner they made assumptions and how apt they were about speaking a “right” sermon but in the wrong time and circumstance; regardless however, is the truth declared: God desires us to pray, and He hears us as we do so. As we approach our Lord in prayer, this day and every day, may this bring encouragement to our souls.

Over the course of your next few weeks, please intercede in these areas as you pray:

  • Let us give thanks and praise unto the Lord for the opportunity we have to teach and train students to know, understand, cherish, and apply God’s Word in their lives. Our Bible College and Seminary are “treasures” to the AFLC! Let us also be in prayer that the Lord would draw students to our Seminary and Bible College.
  • Let us intercede for the upcoming 2020 Alumni Basketball Tournament. This event takes place March 20-21, and is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship, activity, and the raising of resources and awareness for our Bible College and Seminary.
  • Let us intercede for the Cross-Cultural Ministry class as they prepare for a two-week missions trip to Atlacomulco, Mexico the first two weeks of April. They will be serving in community, church, and educational settings as they share the message of the Gospel.
  • Let us intercede for the upcoming Concert Choir Tour, March 26-April 11. Might all planning and logistics be well-cared for, and may the choir travel safely and that this ministry of song, music, and Word brings blessing and encouragement to those receiving it.
  • Let us intercede for the transition of Pastor Randy Nelson to the call of Director to the AFLC’s Evangelism and Discipleship department. As we praise God for the many years of faithful service on behalf of Pastor Jim Rasmussen and his heart for people and the mission of God, we also are grateful for God’s raising up of new leaders.
  • Let us intercede on behalf of our AFLC leadership, including Staff, Faculty, Corporations and Boards. To be effective leaders and stewards, we must seek wisdom and discernment from the Lord, and in this we appeal to His mercies to guide and direct us in every decision.
  • Let us intercede for God’s drawing of students to our campus for this fall. Currently, 55 students have been accepted to the Bible College, and we anticipate God’s continued work of bringing students to our campus, with the hope of at least 70 new students to be enrolled for the fall semester.
  • We offer a petition to be able to resume construction activity on the Student Life Center EARLY in April. We give praise to the Lord for the funding already provided. We continue to pray for His provision as the construction begins again and we complete the project!

On behalf of the Intercessor team,
Pastor Kirk Flaa, Sioux Falls, SD

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