Intercessor Team Update – March 6

Psalm 4:3b, “…the Lord hears when I call to Him.”

In this Psalm as a whole, we catch a glimpse of a godly man (David), who when facing great distress, comes calmly and courageously to the Lord, and expresses a great confidence in his deliverer. The Lord God was David’s ‘ever present help’ and so too, He is ours. May we also avail ourselves of Him through prayer, confident of His hearing and confident of His care.

As you meet the LORD in your prayer closet over the course of the next few weeks, please lift these intercessions to Him.

  • Thanksgiving to God for Pastor Joel Rolf and his 12 years of faithful service unto our Bible School and AFLC in his tenure as Dean of the Bible School. His love for the Bible School and its students will leave an indelible impression upon all of us. Grant wisdom to Pastor Joel and to our Board of Trustees as this transition is lifted in prayer to our Lord for His guidance and direction.
  • Pray on behalf of the AFLBS Alumni Association as they work in support of our students, encourage alumni, raise financial and prayer support, and expand the ministry of our Bible School. A highlight of this work is the Alumni basketball tournament scheduled for March 10. Pray for many to participate and all to be blessed and encouraged.
  • Pray on behalf of our upcoming Spring Campus Days, March 16-18 for students in grades 9-12. May this be a weekend of learning, growing, worship, and meeting new friends as well as being blessed by the experience of the Bible School community and fostering a heart to attend AFLBS.
  • Pray on behalf of wisdom and guidance for the final preparations for our 2018 Concert Choir’s European tour (March 23-April 12) and the Companion tour (April 5-15). Pray also for the Cross-Cultural Ministry trip to Ecuador, March 22-April 6. Each of these events represents remarkable opportunities for Christian witness, sharing of gifts, fellowship, building up the body of Christ, and personal growth in the Lord.
  • Pray for our AFLC leaders–President of AFLC Schools, Rev. Wade Mobley; AFLTS Dean, Dr. James Molstre; AFLBS Dean Rev. Joel Rolf; AFLC President, Rev. Lyndon Korhonen; AFLC VP, Rev. Peter Franz; AFLC Secretary Rev. Micah Hjermstad; and AFLC Asst. to President, Rev. Gary Jorgenson. Pray as well for our Board of Trustees and our various Corporations that these leaders, individually and corporately, would be granted wisdom, understanding, and direction according to God’s will.
  • Pray for our nation and our elected leaders at the local, state, and national levels. May these men and women be led of the Holy Spirit, those not knowing Jesus coming to a place of repentance and faith, and those knowing Him walking as light in a dark world.

On behalf of the Intercessor Team,
Pastor Kirk Flaa
Sioux Falls, SD

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