Intercessor Team Update – March

I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for my own name’s sake, and I will not remember your sins. –Isaiah 43:25 

God’s promises are sure and true. That verse above, Isaiah 43:25, was the first verse I ever heard after I was converted to Christ at the 1991 Free Lutheran Youth Convention. My pastor shared it with me, and it meant a lot. It was sweet medicine for my soul.  

We make promises, too, but ours aren’t as sure and true. However, we make promises every day. Just recently we have started thinking in terms of “promise,” and as part of a recent strategic planning process we put into words the promises we are making to you, our prospective/accepted students. We like this a lot, and I hope you do, too:   

We promise that at Free Lutheran Bible College you will learn from great professors to love Scripture and the Author of it. They will care for you, walk with you, and introduce you to the truth of the Bible. Here you will find a warm, encouraging community of people like you who want to know and follow Jesus more deeply. You will learn in great facilities on a beautiful campus that provides places to study, think, pray, and reflect. Here you will find a sure foundation for your life and be prepared for a lifetime of service in your congregation and calling.  

This is what students experience at FLBC. It’s our promise to our students, and we work hard at it. And it’s a great promise, because behind it all is God Himself, who will never break his promises. Thanks for praying for the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary.  

Thank you, Lord, for: 

  • Up to nine new students starting studies at FLS this fall 
  • A strong start to our 2023-2024 FLBC recruiting class 
  • Abundant financial provision for FLBCS 
  • Spiritual growth and maturity among our students, staff, faculty, and administration 

Lord, please: 

  • Lead and guide accepted FLBC students as they make final plans for college next fall 
    Provide good congregational equipping and mentoring for future pastors 
  • Bring repentance, faith, health, and healing to AFLC congregations 
  • Prepare great ministry opportunities for the March FLBC choir tour 

In Christ’s Love, 

Pastor Wade Mobley
President, Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary

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