Intercessor Team Update – November 2

“May my prayer be counted as incense before You;

the lifting up of my hands as the evening offering.” (Psalm 141:2)

It is a beautiful picture provided by Scripture that the prayers of God’s people are like that of incense, wafting upward, both a pleasing aroma and a joyful act of worship to our Mighty God. As you daily enter into the prayer closet, may this truth bring encouragement to your heart and soul, and might it invigorate and refresh your prayer life.

As you pray in the next few weeks, please bring these petitions to our Lord:

For the “Friends of the Schools Banquet” November 9th, and all those in attendance. We seek that those attending would be encouraged by God’s work through our Schools, and be moved all the more to support this work and serve as partners in this ministry.

For a spirit of thanksgiving to rest upon all of us as we reflect upon God’s goodness. This is to be a reflection made every day, yet we acknowledge that especially in this season, may we all the more possess a heart of thanksgiving for what God has accomplished for us in Christ Jesus. We, as individuals, congregations, and an association enjoy so fully the abundant and manifold blessings of God, and in the midst of these blessings, may we always and in everything, give thanks.

For the upcoming Parents Weekend, December 1-3, and for all the events and activities of this weekend to encourage those attending, and glorify the Lord whom we serve. We pray now especially for the ongoing planning and logistics of putting such an event together.

For the upcoming AFLC Schools Christmas Concerts, December 2 & 3, titled “All Glory Be to God on High.” In all preparations and planning would God’s will be accomplished, and may the result be an effective, powerful, and glorifying presentation of the Gospel message through song, word, and music.

For the continued guidance and wisdom of our congregations as we celebrate and remember the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In our preaching, teaching, living, and worship may we rightly seek the Holy Spirit’s presence in applying “reformation” to all of our hearts. For God to use the Reformation Hymn Festival to this end on campus November 10, at 7:00pm.

For the continued drawing of men to our Seminary and students to our Bible School. We praise God for His good work in this area already and we celebrate in the many making decisions to attend our Schools, all the while continuing to seek that even more would sense a call to come and respond by attending.

For the persecuted church, that we always are mindful of the connection we have as part of the church universal through the blood of Christ. May we continually uphold these brothers and sisters that their faith remains strong, that God be glorified, and that their witness in the most difficult of circumstances brings conversion to those who persecute them.

On behalf of the Intercessor Team,
Pastor Kirk Flaa 
Sioux Falls, SD

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