Intercessor Team Update – October 13

“… and Samuel cried to the LORD for Israel and the LORD answered him…then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.”” 
(1 Samuel 7:9b, 12)

It is always good for us to consciously reflect upon God’s faithfulness amidst our lives. This example of Samuel has always stirred my own heart because it begins with the cry (prayer) of confession and culminates with the receipt of mercy and the deliverance from the enemy that is commemorated in the setting up of a reminder in a stone named Ebenezer. Might we be inspired this day to come humbly to our Lord, acknowledging sin and seeking His mercy, and receiving always the necessary help as we rely fully upon Him. He is indeed our Ebenezer this day and every day!

In the coming weeks, please join us in praying over these points:

  • We give thanks for God’s rich mercies towards our AFLC and our congregations. May we always remember to praise and thank our ‘Ebenezer’!
  • We seek God’s drawing of students to our campus on October 20-22 for Fall Campus Days. May this be a weekend of learning, growing, worship, and meeting new friends as well as being blessed by the experience of the Bible School community and fostering a heart to attend.
  • We seek wisdom and guidance for the on going planning and preparations for our 2018 Concert Choir’s European tour (March 23-April 12) and the Companion tour (April 5-15). Both events represent remarkable opportunities for Christian witness, sharing of gifts, fellowship, building up the body of Christ, and personal growth in the Lord, but necessitate much planning!
  • We praise God for our faculty and staff as blessed ministry partners in the work of our Schools, and we pray that they be filled in extra measure with grace, guidance, and wisdom from God as they minister amongst us. Additionally, we offer thanksgiving for the provision of Dr. James Molstre as our AFLTS Dean and Brad and Sarah Bierle as men’s and women’s Resident Heads and seek their quick adjustment to life and ministry on campus.
  • We seek continued guidance and wisdom for our congregations as we celebrate and remember the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In our preaching, teaching, living, and worship may we rightly seek the Holy Spirit’s presence in applying “reformation” to all of our hearts.
  • We thank God for providing 23 men to start seminary since we began praying for 40 pastors, and pray for continued strong enrollment in seminary.
  • We thank God for the 49 first year students who began studies at AFLBS this September, and for the 35 already accepted to begin in the fall of 2018. Please join us in praying for at least 70 first year students for next fall.
  • We pray for building committee members and advisors: Steve Jankord, Paul Hensrud, James Rolf, Ivar Berge, David Haugen, Wanda Jacobson, Phil Johnson, Wade Mobley, Wayne Floan, Andrew Franz, Larry Myhrer, and Sherry Mork as they hone plans and raise funds to break ground on new buildings for AFLTS and AFLBS.
  • We seek grace and guidance for all of our leaders at the local, state, and national levels. Let us regularly lift them before our Lord’s throne of grace.

On behalf of the Intercessor Team,

Pastor Kirk Flaa 
Sioux Falls, SD


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