Kinship Magazine Winter 2018 Edition

Kinship is a magazine of the Free Lutheran Schools. Stay up to date on latest news, student stories, classroom highlights, and fun tidbits about life on the AFLBS and AFLTS campus.

Inside the Winter 2018 Edition:

Pg. 2 – Greeting from Pastor Wade Mobley, AFLC Schools President.
Pg. 3 – The Reformation Hymn Festival in pictures.
Pg. 4-5 – Students share struggles and joys of campus life and reflect on Christ’s complete work.
Pg. 6-7 – Exploring life off campus.
Pg. 8-9 – Inside the classroom highlights.
Pg. 10 – News
Pg. 11 – AFL[B/T]S – Random and amusing facts about life on campus.
Pg. 12 – Alumni focus, highlighting gymnasium building project.

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