Meanwhile, Back At the Office

Reverend Adam Osier

I am the Reverend Adam Osier.  I don’t usually go by “Reverend” as I’m not positive what that means, other than that I am ordained, so you can call me Pastor Adam. Anyway, I am the FLBC dean, which means that I oversee both the academic and student life aspects of the school.  I also get to teach, which I love. That’s one of my favorite things about this calling.  I love to see God’s Word bring peace to hearts through the promise of Christ and all he’s done for us in his death and resurrection. I look forward to having you in class as we dig into his Word. I also look forward to getting to know you and walking alongside you as you grow here at FLBC.   

As for knowing more about me, I have a wife, Courtney. I also have two children, Jacobi (9) and Kaia (7) who are already born.  I also have a baby due just in time to start the 2nd semester.  I like reading, coffee, biking, hiking, and sunshine. I’ve slept through a tornado and an earthquake (not at the same time), and I have two different colored eyes. There are many other weird things about me, but you’ll have to attend to find them out. 

Katie Strand

Hello! My name is Katie Strand and this is not my child, but my adorable niece! I fill the roles of Assistant to the Dean and Office Manager on campus. Basically, I attempt to keep Pastor Osier in line and spend the vast majority of my time in the office.  

I would say I live by the motto “survival of the most caffeinated” as I often have coffee or some form of caffeine with me. I have a degree in American Sign Language Interpreting and my hobbies include escaping the Minnesota winter for the Florida beaches, teaching my niece the things her parents would rather I didn’t, and volleyball. Come January, I’m getting married and will be #nolongerstranded.  

We are so excited to have you all on campus! 


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