Meet the Dorm Assistants 2

Nate Crellin

Ope, hey there! My name is Nate Crellin and I am going to be a Dorm Assistant in the Mens Dorm this fall! I also will be on campus working for maintenance in my second year in that role. I am beyond excited to be involved with student life on campus at FLBC, and more specifically, working with the men on building a closer relationship with their Father but also fostering life-long friendships with their fellow believers in Christ! Some fun knowledge about me is that I love outdoor activities such as fly fishing, hunting, biking, etc. and also really enjoy fellowship with a quality cup of coffee in my hand. 

Diana Alverson

Hello everyone! My name is Diana Alverson and this is my first year serving as a Dorm Assistant at the Free Lutheran Bible College. I am so thankful for this opportunity to invest into the lives of the young ladies that are going to be on campus. One fun fact about me is I love any type of competition and just recently took first place in a pie eating competition. Going into the 2020-2021 school year, I am most looking forward to coming along side students through the highs and lows, growing together as sisters in Christ and chasing after Christ every step of the way. 

Grant Jones

Hello my name is a Grant Jones. I’m a recent graduate of FLBC and I will be working as a Dorm Assistant on campus this coming school year. I’m extremely excited to work with so many Christ-minded people and get to know the guys on my wing. I’m excited for the great community life FLBC always has delivered! I’m stoked to come along-side the 2nd-year and 1st-year students alike and be a brother to them! 


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