Moments That Mattered – Isaiah Miller

Isaiah Miller, Fosston, Minn., AFLBS junior

Visiting Ecuador was a life-changing experience for me and I would recommend a trip down there for almost anyone. Going down there I didn’t know what to expect and was very open-minded. I was constantly amazed by the sheer beauty of the country and the warmth of the culture.

When we went to a small town in the mountains called El Tambo, I was amazed by how welcoming the kids were and how open they were to learn about God’s Word. When we were performing the skit and got to the part where Jesus rises from the tomb I heard a little kid say in an amazed voice, “What?”

That was a great reminder to me of just how incredible the resurrection actually was. I think we need to react to the stories in the Bible more like this kid did. I want a more childlike faith.

This article first appeared in Kinship Magazine, Spring 2019 Edition.

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