Moments That Mattered – Nick Mathsen

Nick Mathsen, Ada, MN, AFLBS junior

During our two-week mission trip, I saw the importance and beauty of loving God by serving my neighbor. In a morning devotion on Mark 12:30-32, Pastor Darwin Paccha said, “God uses ordinary lives to do ordinary things; furthermore, we don’t have to reach hundreds of people for Christ to love and serve God.”

This message became clear to me after our last presentation of the drama of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection during the second week. I gained a neat perspective as I looked into the eyes of hundreds of kids packed tightly onto the bleachers of the coliseum at the Bilingüe school. As we stood up front, I thought about how God was using me, an ordinary person, to impact not all of these kids’ lives, but simply a few. As I did ordinary work to serve and witness to these kids, I was indirectly loving and serving my Father in heaven.

This article first appeared in Kinship Magazine, Spring 2019 Edition.

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