A Few New Faces

Cindy Beck

Hi I’m Cindy Beck, and I will be Mr. Hanson’s right-hand gal (aka accompanist for the FLBC choirs)!  I’ve been involved in music my whole life, have a couple of music degrees, and am excited to be joining the music department at FLBC.  I find music such a powerful force for worship – it often brings me straight into the presence of the Lord.  You may catch me fighting back a tear or two in the middle of a praise song – so grateful to the Lord Jesus for His sacrificial love. 

I hope you’ll stop by to say hello, and maybe sometime even meet my daughter, Olivia, adopted from Guatemala 15 years ago!  She’ll be hanging around campus from time to time. 

Looking forward to meeting all of you! 

Abby Dahl

Hey, my name is Abby Dahl and I’m so excited to be a women’s DA this year! I’m from a small town in Minnesota and love it. One of my hobbies is baking! I love trying new recipes and my family loves to eat them. I love sunsets, my family, and comedy movies. You can usually find me sipping a La Croix or an Americano.  

I can’t wait to meet you all this fall and make some awesome memories! 


Wendy Greven

I’m Wendy Greven and I am the women’s basketball coach at FLBC.  This is actually my 5th year coaching at FLBC, however there is 23 years in between my first 4 years and this one.  I am pretty pumped to be back and involved at the Bible school again.  I grew up on a farm in Montana and met my husband while attending AFLBS (now FLBC) from 90-92.  My F-16-pilot- now-airline-pilot husband John and I have been married for 26 years.  We have two daughters: Madison is a senior at the University of Northwestern and Shelby just graduated from high school and will be attending FLBC this fall.   

The last 23 years have taken us literally around the world.  We have lived in Oklahoma, Phoenix (3 separate times), Italy, New Mexico, Korea, Japan, and Alaska.  I love to study the Bible, travel, go to sporting events, throw pottery, and just hang out with my family.  It’s hard for me to imagine that this farm girl from Montana would live in 5 different states and 3 different countries, but God has used all of these experiences in my life to grow my faith and to give me the opportunity to serve Him.   

What a blessing it is that God has brought me back to FLBC and has given me the chance to not only coach basketball again, but also to develop relationships with the young women here.  It is a privilege for us to live on mission together as a basketball team and serve the Lord with the talents that He has given to each one of us.    



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