Osier called as AFLBS dean

Adam Osier knows the importance of a firm spiritual foundation.

After graduating from high school, incoming AFLBS dean Pastor Osier attended a year of college in his hometown and realized he wasn’t equipped to deal with the challenges to his faith at a secular college campus. He is thankful for the ministry of the Bible school, where he will start work as dean on July 1.

Osier was born and raised in Valley City, N.D. He graduated from AFLBS in 2005, from Northwestern College in 2008, and from the Free Lutheran Seminary in 2012. He served congregations in Wadena and Bluegrass, Minn., and most recently in Bethel Park, Pa. He remembers his time at the Bible school and seminary, though, as spiritually formative.

“It was at AFLBS that God opened my eyes to the beauty of a Christ-alone gospel,” Osier said. “During my three years [at AFLTS] I was again blessed by the Bible-rich, gospel-centric teaching of the faculty. Those years were deeply formative in preparing me to preach the gospel in the congregations to which I’ve been called.”

As dean of the Bible school, Pastor Osier will be responsible for setting the direction of the school’s program, coordinating and supervising staff on student support and ministry teams, and fostering the academic and spiritual development of the Bible school. He will also teach half-time in the Bible school.

“Pastor Osier loves AFLBS and the past, current, and future students of our AFLC Bible college,” President Wade Mobley said. “The Osiers have exposure to and experience with most every aspect of campus life, including academics, athletics, and residential life.”

Osier met his wife Courtney at AFLBS, and together they have two children: Jacobi is 8 years old, and Kaia is 6.

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This article first appeared in Kinship Magazine, Spring 2019 Edition.

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