People You Should Know

Eric Christenson

Hey everyone, my name is Eric Christenson and I am the new Facilities Director here at the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary. I’m glad to be on campus and can’t wait for you to be here too. Our facilities crew has been busy getting the campus ready for you as you arrive this fall.  

My wife and two daughters and I moved here in May and I started June 1st. Prior to moving to campus, I lived in Amery, WI serving our Free Lutheran Church there. I’ve always had a heart for teens and spent the last 22 years working with youth ministry, most recently serving as the 2019 FLY President. I’m a second degree black belt in a mixed martial art called Kyukido. I only drink superior roasted coffee, freshly ground, black. I’m an ice cream addict, an aspiring storyteller, and, by far, the best father my kids have ever had.  

Heather Olson

Dobrý den! My name is Heather Olson and I am your school counselor. I love the role I play on campus and each summer I long for the day students once again fill our dorms and classrooms.  

What to know about me as your counselor? Working with people, encouraging, mentoring, and discipleship is my jam. I have high expectations (yes, you are capable), will be direct and honest, but also, I love deeply, will hold you up in prayer, and will walk alongside you.  

 What to know about me as Heather? I love anything coffee, ice cream, travel, and adventure.  

Wanna know more? Ask me about… 
The time my friends and I were stranded on a mountain in Poland when my friend’s car keys fell off a ski lift. Also, please ask, “What were you doing in Poland, Heather?”  

See you soon!  

Josh Bostrom

Hey everyone! My name is Josh Bostrom and I am the new IT Support Specialist here at FLBC. I think most people would classify me as a tech nerd and it’s becoming harder to disagree with that! I enjoy gaming and keeping up with the latest technology news, as well as cooking, listening to music and watching basketball.  



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