Putting Faith Into Practice

I have spent the last two years at the Bible College learning more about God’s Word. One of the things that the professors taught us was how to be disciples of Christ. Our theme of the school year was “Share the Light,” and now going into the summer, I will be able to put that into practice by being on a summer team and teaching kids at vacation Bible school (VBS).

The Bible College curriculum offered multiple classes that taught us how to share the light, and nearly every class we took included a section on practical ways to spread the gospel. One of our professors, Doctor Nathan Olson, brought up the importance of spreading the gospel in all of his lessons. I learned a great deal from him, and I will be able to use the lessons throughout this summer and in my life.

During spring semester, the college offered us a class one night a week to learn about children’s ministry and prepare us for the summer ahead. Summer team members were taught different strategies on how to teach the kids in ways that will best show them the meaning of the gospel message. All of the teachers at FLBC want to do more than just teach us the Word of God and call it good. They want to make sure that we retain the knowledge and that we are be able to go back home and tell our family and friends about what we have learned. They do not want us to just be Bible learners or Bible listeners. They want us to be Bible doers.

Not only are FLBC students surrounded by wonderful professors and staff who are training us to become Bible doers, but we are also surrounded by an amazing community of Christian believers who want to go out and spread the good news of the gospel. They are here at FLBC to learn, like I am, to be better disciples of Christ. This community is where we get to interact with people and where we can help each other grow in our faith. It is a place to ask challenging questions of one another. I think that this truly helps us because we can communicate with people our own age.

We are also prepared to interact with people who may have similar questions. We can ready ourselves for questions that may be tougher so that we know how to respond without having a blank look on our faces. I will be able to put these lessons into practice this summer because my team will be going to senior high school camps where teens will look to us to answer these questions, and we need to be ready for them. 

In my two years here at the Bible College, I have learned how to be a disciple of Christ and have been prepared for my long journey of life. I will be able to share the light of Christ with others every day of my life. I love this quote that is from one of our counselors at my Bible camp back home, “Love God, love people, make disciples, period.”  

Zach Simonson [FLBC second-year student]is a member of Dovre Free Lutheran, Winger, Minn.


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