Bible school: practical for all areas of life – Q & A with Dr. Phil Haugen

Are you thinking about Bible school but not sure if God is calling you there? Are you wondering how to know if Bible school is worth the time and investment? This Q and A is for you! Dr. Phil Haugen, New Testament and Bible Doctrine professor at FLBC, shares biblical insights on why Bible school is a great choice no matter what.

Many students “want to do what God wants them to do” and “go where He’s called them.” How can they best discern God’s Will for their lives?

Certainly it is good to seek and desire the will of God in all things, but God does not want us to seek His will in any way other than in and through the prayerful study of the Word of God. Thus the best way (the only way) to seek to follow God’s will is to abide in His Word. The best preparation for the future is a faithful walk with God in the present. As you prayerfully read and meditate on His Word, both individually and in fellowship with other believers, God uses His Word to shape your heart and mind and will and thoughts to correspond to His will and purpose for you. You can trust Him to do His good work in your life through His Word, and to guide your ways.

How do I choose between two good options? How can know which one is right?

I would suggest we don’t have to “know.” God has given us common sense, the advice of parents and respected elders, and He shapes our desires and will by His Word. As we prayerfully consider our options and all things seem equal, we can choose either option without fear, recognizing both options as good and as consistent with God’s permissive will. And God promises He will bless and direct our path (Proverbs 3:5,6).

Why is Bible school a good choice no matter what?

Our vocation or calling in life is not to make money or be successful. Our vocation is to serve God by loving our neighbor as a part of the universal priesthood of all believers. Since this is God’s calling for us, wisdom dictates that we be as well trained as possible in the things of God. In other words, Bible school will be part of the training that helps equip and prepare you to do His calling in all aspects of your life. The formal study of His Word at Bible school becomes a part of the foundation for the rest of your life. It is indeed “a good choice no matter what.”

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