Rest In Transition

Lasting rest can only be found in Christ 

Transition. This is the word that comes to mind as I reflect on the past several months. When I use the word “transition,” I am not referring to fast-break offense in basketball—“getting out in transition”—or sprinting back to stop the opponent—“transition defense.” The transition I am referring to has to do with significant life changes. In basketball, however, the term transition does involve a change taking place in which one team switches from offense to defense or defense to offense. Similarly, the times of transition in our lives involve significant changes, and we are forced to make adjustments. 

In December, my wife, Cassie, and I were blessed with the birth of our daughter, Kate, and we could not be more thrilled to be her parents. Still, when parents say that having a baby changes your life, they aren’t kidding! Entering into parenthood is a major transition, and your life changes by necessity. 

January and February of this year consisted of interviews and visiting churches as we prayerfully sought the Lord’s leading in our lives. In March, we accepted the call to Emmanuel Free Lutheran, Williston, N.D. As if this was not enough transition, the end of March brought with it many more unique changes as we were forced to adjust to life with the dreaded COVID-19. 

I definitely never pictured my year of seminary internship ending this way. Ministry within the congregation has changed significantly as worship services have been moved to various livestream platforms, and Zoom calls have become the norm for Bible studies and youth group gatherings. Certainly, we are thankful for technology and the means to communicate in these times of separation, but as anyone will tell you, it is not the same as in-person fellowship. 

Amidst all these changes, one can easily become restless. Even my introverted self has begun to long for community. God created us to live in community, and when that is ripped away, we are left feeling a sense of unrest. In times of transition, how can we adjust to the changes that we face? Where can we find lasting rest?  

In Psalm 102:25-27, the psalmist speaks of God as the One who alone is unchanging. He says, “Long ago You established the earth, and the heavens are the work of Your hands. They will perish, but You will endure; all of them will wear out like clothing. You will change them like a garment, and they will pass away. But You are the same, and Your years will never end.”  

Our lives in this world are full of changes, and the world in which we live will one day pass away. Still, our great Creator God remains the same. He is constant and unchanging, and He invites us to find our rest, our peace, and our joy in Him. As you encounter times of transition in your own life, keep your eyes fixed on the One who is unchanging, as Hebrews 13:8 says: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” 

Seth Moan [FLS intern] has accepted a call to serve Emmanuel Free Lutheran, Williston, N.D. 

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