Resting in His Steady Presence – Joe Larson

Joe Larson [FLS junior] is from Ortonville, Minn. 

Despite the world being flipped upside down this spring, it seemed like my daily routine stayed the same. My work was essential. My body needed food. My classes still had assignments due. My mind needed sleep. For all that had changed on a global level, my life was consistent. Work, eat, homework, sleep.  Yet the fallout of COVID-19 has served as a warning bell. Since my life did not drastically change, then perhaps I was neglecting something important. Part of resting and rejoicing in the gifts of God includes enjoying the fellowship He has designed us for. Be it family, friends, or the local congregation, community is an important part of life. In my efforts to survive the spring gauntlet, it seemed that I subconsciously treated community as a trivial waste of time rather than a vital part of life in Christ.  Thanks be to God that even in the darkest of times, He reminds us of His love for us and about His good gift of fellowship. Now, perhaps more than ever, prayers and encouragements for one another are essential. 

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