Samuel Nash

Samuel Nash

Ostego, MN
AFLBS Class of 2003

I look back on my time at AFLBS as foundational for developing a deep appreciation for God’s Word. The classes were very valuable to me, but the environment was as important in terms of lifelong friends and life lessons. AFLBS helped solidify for me God’s Word as the foundation for my worldview which impacts all my dealings with others around me.

I have been married to Emily (Forness) Nash, who also attended AFLBS, for 11 years and we have four children. Right now, I work for W.W. Grainger Inc. as a Market Manager. My role is to oversee customer service operations in the western part of the Twin Cities and western Minnesota.

My wife and I have felt the calling to be committed and dedicated supporters of our local congregation Solid Rock Free Lutheran Church. I serve on the deacon board there. We also have been learning that children draw children in our new community we live in and we have a great opportunity to be a light to our neighbors and their children.

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