Singing What Can’t Be Said

By Benjamin Helge, LCMS Missionary in Czech Republic

Director of the AFLBS Concert Choir, Andrew Hanson, sharing a brief description about what the choir is singing to the student body of a technical high school.

It’s Monday morning. The week begins, and I head to school to teach conversational English. Just like in the United States, telling your students about Jesus Christ and what He has done for us is not an acceptable thing to do in the classroom. Thus, teaching provides a connection and foundation for the building of relationships with students, teachers and principles.

These foundations lead to other opportunities. During the first week of April, the Concert Choir from the Association Free Lutheran Bible School(AFLBS) in Minnesota came to Havířov while on their European tour to sing for the community. Through the established relationships with three schools, God presented the opportunity to sing His Gospel in front of over 1,000 students, as well as to give a free concert to the community. Every song sung gave glory, praise and testimony to God and the life we have in Jesus Christ.

Following the choir’s performance at an elementary/middle school, an English teacher shared, “Ben, I am not saying that I believe what the choir sang, but I cannot deny that there was something different about this music and this message.” The Gospel was shared. The Spirit is at work. This same teacher now invited me over to spend time with her family. May God use this as a time to share more about His great love for us.

Thank you to the AFLBS Concert Choir for coming. All glory be to God.


Helge hosted the AFLBS Concert Choir during their 2018 Choir Tour to Central Europe. This article first appeared in Helge’s newsletter, “Šumbark Sightings & Stories,” April 2018 edition.


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