Student Story – Alex

How God’s Word gives direction, purpose, and deeper relationships.

Sometimes it can be tough to discern God’s will for your life. Other times, it’s as clear as a sign on the side of the road.

The latter was the case for Alex Woodworth, a graduate of the University of Minnesota. He had only recently become a Christian, and was struggling to figure out what to do with his life. A road sign helped point him in the right direction.

“Driving by to visit family I saw “Association of Free Lutheran Congregations” on the side of the road,” Alex said. “I ‘Googled’ it and saw that it was a Bible School. I knew God was calling me there. How could he not want me to study His Word? That’s when I made the decision to come here.”

It was a perfect fit for Alex. He had fell into the wrong crowd during his years at the public university, and knew that God had bigger plans for his life.

“I had just spent a few years of my life in nothingness,” Alex said. “And now that I was saved, I was thinking, ‘What am I supposed to do, God?’”

Alex is a senior at AFLBS this year, and has been learning that God’s design for his life includes community and fellowship with like-minded believers.

“The time I’ve had here has been really beneficial because as I’ve had to wrestle with God’s Word and engage with His truths,” Alex said, “He’s showing me that I’m meant to live in community with people and I’m meant to share His love with others.”

One of the things Alex appreciates most about Bible school is the people.

“The community and the friendships are awesome,” Alex said. “I’ve made lifelong friends here. When I went to college I didn’t really make those connections that deep.”

The reason the connections and friendships are so strong, Alex says, is that the students are in an environment where they can struggle and learn together and care about each other.

Alex encourages others to attend AFLBS, and believes that future students won’t regret their decision.

“I’ve grown so much here,” Alex said. “If I could go back I would have come here before I went to the four-year school.”

Another thing that God has placed on Alex’s heart is a desire for missions, and showing Christ’s love to others.

“If it weren’t for my time here I wouldn’t have known anything about missions,” Alex said. “To see how there’s work out there that needs to be done is something I know God is directing me towards – spending time outside of the Midwest sharing His Word with different people.”

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